September Production

October 11, 2012


The dedicated labor of the Chicago Chapter of the SR,  production report is in:

sock darning – mending and a fabric doll



Finishing and hemming


refashioning and seam ripping


Completing last weeks production


Cotton, Linen and a Cushion

July 30, 2012

Production in July consisted of knock off deconstruction, cotton dress mending and cushion repair.



Production items


Linen Dress deconstruction for knock off production



Cotton Dress repair – pinned and ready for sewing.


Cushion repair, slipped stitched.




The shoes have it.

May 28, 2012

This months meeting of the Chicago chapter, produced two shoe repairs, and the up-cycling of a maxi skirt into a sun dress.

The black patent shoes were too tight in the toes, SR participant cut a peek-a-boo toe using an exacto-knife.  She then folded the front uncut edge back onto the inside of the shoe, clamping and gluing it down.

The slingback shoe –  The original surface came off and the remaining was scraped off.  An alligator fabric was applied with glue and cut where it met the sole with an exacto-knife after it dried.  Like new!

The skirt before (pix), it also had a lining (not shown).  SR participant turned the skirt inside out (next pix) and liked all the seams showing from all the gored panels once the lining was removed.

Decided to let that be the outside and since the fabric was stretchy, pulled it up over the bust, added straps from the part she cut off at the waist band and created the sun dress.

Chicago Chapter is on the Mend

May 8, 2012

The Chicagoland Sewing Rebellion has been transplanted to the 4th Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:30 pm at the same location.   We thoroughly got our mending needs satisfied!  Attached are a few pictures of products accomplished:  a chair cushion reupholstered, a top neckline seam-ripped, and some hand-made shoe insoles.






Reports from the feild

March 12, 2012

Frau Fiber recieved the following message from the Chicago Chapter Orgnizer:




The G8 has been cancelled for Chicago and relocated to Camp David!   Rumor has it a Sewing Rebellion was in the works that may have factored into the President’s decision to retreat to a remote setting.

February Production Report

February 23, 2012

Chicagoland chapter met a high production output this month of  Japanese inspired work.  Production was modivated by traditional Japanese music and sewing books, and a Kimono Art book.

Items in process were:

  • kimono-inspired reversible vest made of scraps of fabric.
  • making a pattern piece for an old top to turn into a vest with the addition of an old scarf.
  • cutting up old pants for a vest with an old knit cap.
  • hemming of pants
  •  baby’s tutu more diaper friendly with snaps.
  • SR badge turned into a brooch by sewing a big safety pin on the back.




Chicagoland Chapter re-launch – Production Report

January 11, 2012

Seven Participants

One Participant from Texas who follows the SR.

Conversation and actions of  consumption, mending, recycling, and refashioning.

Patches were discussed and ideas about how to wear them were as follows:

  • Brownies or Miss America Sash
  •  Create badges for items you have made for your sash.
  • Put the patch on a pin so you can wear it with a variety of items
  • sew it on a bag.


Regular meetings will occur monthly, join us for more actions and conversations on Mending and consumption.

Chicagoland Chapter to Launch

January 6, 2012

this Sunday, January 8, 3-5 pm, @ Blue Lotus Art Studio,  912 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60202.

Questions contact Patricia Otto @

Chicago Chapter moves to Oak Park

March 12, 2011

Thanks so some wonderful Chicago supports, the Chicago Chapter of the Sewing Rebellion will meet this month.


Sunday March 27, 12-4pm

Lorenza’s house

325 S Oak Park Ave

Oak Park, IL


This month instructions are the hoody make-over, bring your machines, thread, zippers, fabrics, old hoody’s and sewing questions for the sewing community to help you solve.


There will be one machine on hand to use, lot’s of table space, and Kids are welcome!


Chicago Chapter is in a recession.

February 1, 2011

Chicago Chapter, the cradle of the Sewing Rebellion is suspended until further notice.  A New Chapter organizer and location is found to sustain this sewing based gift economy.   If you are interested please contact Frau Fiber, at